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Yolahaydee Hernández

A technical computer profession, since the year 2005 in the city of Maracaibo of the Zulia state, Venezuela. She was dedicated to offer services which allowed computer rental for use of internet access, conducting research work for students, transition of work and photocopying. Then came the opportunity of starting the activity of assembly and sale of computers clone type, printers, network installation among others. These 11 years of experience support the company's ability to provide this service. In the year 2009 Yolahaydee Hernandez, resides in Canada and begins to work in the area of cleaning and maintenance with a company named Commercial Cleaning. Today, she is one of the most detailed professional in this branch. She is a dynamic woman, who is brilliant and has great intelligence to strategically solve challenges that present themselves on a day-to-day basis in South Florida.

Vice President

Manuel González

At 16 years of age, Manuel Gonzalez worked with his father in a company which rendered services for repairs such as, freezers, kitchens, washer, dryers, and air conditioning. Over the years, Manuel Gonzalez, acquired a broad knowledge on repairing electrical appliances. ​ Mr. Gonzalez, was also in charge of residential reparations based on the structural level such as painting, electricity, plumbing and carpentry. In 2005, he opened his own business that offered computer sales and repairs along other services. Residing in Canada, in the year 2009, he worked for a company named, Commercial Cleaning. This company rendered cleaning services to hospitals, restaurants, offices and residential universities where he learned to work with heavy machinery. It should be noted that he has knowledge in the process of cleaning suitable for claims such as fire. These are some of the advantages in hiring experienced personnel. For Mr. Manuel Gonzalez, these are not problems to solve, instead, opportunities to offer our clients a better quality of life.

Operation Manager

Pedro Luis Briceño

In the year 2010, Pedro Luis Briceño, begins to work for the same company in which his parents also worked. This company was named Commercial Cleaning. This allowed him to obtain a broad knowledge in post-construction cleaning, hospital cleaning, student residency and more. It is essential to emphasize that in these areas of cleaning the detail is very important. Having the ability to see the dirt where others do not see, it is a gift that is developed with professional people in the branch which allows you today to apply that knowledge in your own company. With more than 2 years of experience in a company of the area of cleaning of boats and yachts, he is proposed to demonstrate and serve with ethics and professionalism to all that require their trades. Formed from the heart of the family with well-established values and principles, he has a great capacity to make its clients feel satisfied with the tasks entrusted to them and the results obtained. Pedro Luis promotes soaked results of excellence, quality and a lot of responsibility through the services of GHB Multi Quality Services Inc.